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ZAYO speaks of a young person who has been given a task to embark on a journey towards their destiny. Unsure of what that means, they begin encountering a series of triumphs, challenges and tests, as they question if they have what it takes to reach the goal. Esie Mensah Creations will be working through the final section of the production, which focuses on the battles within the inner self. ZAYO was originally conceived for SummerWorks Lab Series in 2018 and received rave reviews prompting the Prismatic Festival in Ottawa to showcase the work for international presenters. ZAYO will return in 2022/23.

Esie Mensah Creations

Choreographed by Esie Mensah

Costume Design by Alexandra Lord

Costume Design Assitant, Head of Wardrobe and Costume Builder: Beatriz Arevalo

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