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The Other Jesus

St. Jax Church in downtown Montreal, revamped and transformed. Step inside and discover the exceptional vision of present-day apostles. An ambitious go-getter, this Messiah effortlessly charms his disciples. Flashy grunge aesthetic, part liturgical pageantry, part church basement bazaar. Here is Other Jesus, circa 2019.

At the heart of this low-tech theatrical collective are actors, musicians, playwright and set designer, fully committed to the performance. The search for funding, doubts about inner strengths and needs, the desire to convince without employing sophistry–the group performing the passion of Christ has the same concerns as any group of artists or any community trying to live according to its beliefs. Experimental and intriguing, this Public Recordings piece focuses on improbable links between artistic authenticity and political aspirations. Other Jesus offers a slightly skeptical performance far removed from realism. Theatre as a profession of faith.

Produced by EW&FCO + Public Recordings
Text Evan Webber
Directed by Frank Cox-O’Connell
Performed by Frank Cox-O’Connell + Ishan Davé + Marinda De Beer + William Ellis + Thom Gill + Ame Henderson + Ken MacKenzie + Lauren Page Russell + Liz Peterson + Rose Tuong + Evan Webber
Set and Costume Design Sherri Hay

Costume assistant Beatriz Arevalo
Music and Sound Design Christopher Willes
Choreography Ame Henderson
Lighting Design Ken MacKenzie
Stage Manager Marinda de Beer
Production Assistant Lauren Page Russell
Artistic Producer Sascha Cole
Production Manager Daniel Bennett
Created with Courtney Ch’ng Lancaster + Sandra Henderson
Surtitle Translator Olivier Sylvestre

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