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Molly Bloom

“Genius.” “Bawdy.” “Nothing but praise.”
Molly Bloom is an original adaptation of James Joyce's Ulysses’ final chapter. Four actors collectively play the consciousness of Molly Bloom as she lies awake in bed in this sensual and shocking exploration of one woman’s psyche. As the four women move and speak as one, Joyce’s infamous soliloquy is refashioned into a four-person one-woman show. Molly Bloom is a fascinating, vivacious, and hilarious race through one hour of unrelenting thought.​ 

Directed by Jocelyn Adema. Stage Management by Kathleen Jones. Costume and Set Design by Beatriz Arevalo. Light Design by Logan Raju Cracknell. Company: Fourth Gorgon Theatre. Playwright/Adaptation by Jocelyn Adema


Cast: Jenna-Lee Hyde, Lena Maripuu, Reanne Spitzer, Annie Tuma.​

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